James with Drive Cheerfully has been a blessing to work with. He gets the most information of any marketing partner and does a fantastic job of working with the salesperson to push for 📈 appointments that show.


😃 Beth Downing. Senior Program Consultant.

Evansville. IN

Adding Drive Cheerfully as one of our lead generators has been a driving force behind this dealership's success. Since adding him our store has produced 📈 100+ more sales year over year which increased profits nearly 💰 half a million dollars. I would advise any dealership seeking an outside lead source to strongly consider Drive Cheerfully as one of the best if not the best sources out there today!


😃 Josh Lobelso. General Manager.

Pittsburgh. PA

Drive Cheerfully helps me to capitalize on my demographic market. Leads typically convert at a higher percentage than traditional sources. They have been helping me for the past year and have seen a 📈 15-20% increase in overall sales.


😃 Nate Pilarcik. Sales Associate.

Monroeville. PA

I've been working with James and Drive Cheerfully for a few months now and he has raised my numbers substantially. I can count on him for solid leads every month, as he raises my application number every month allowing me to make more sales. Also his assistant helps me get appointments set, which frees me up for more important things. I would not be as good as I am without James and his staff.

😃 Jesse Wisdom. Sales Manager.

Louisville KY

James contacted me almost 3 years ago and my business has increased 📈 20 percent! The quality of the leads are great. He gets all their info, I can send a text email and letter ! If you're looking for a lead professional James is the way to go!


😃 Angie Doctor. Sales Manager.

Joliet. IL

Working with James Thrussell and Drivecheerfully has been a great experience. We have been working together for 1 year now and my sales have increased by 📈 25%. Great follow up team and amazing communication. Recently the team has helped me average 💰 6-7 cars sold monthly. Quality of leads are adequate and strong appointment show. I will be looking forward to keep working with this team.


😃 Manny Camacho. Senior Sales Consultant.

Tucson. AZ

I have worked with tons of lead generation companies in my time but I can say that James Thrussell and Drive Cheerfully have been by far the most productive 📈 one of them all. For over a year I’ve been receiving detailed leads on a daily basis and it's boosted my sales substantially💰 ..... Great people to work with!! ❤


😃 Jeremy Ramon. Sales Associate.

Lafayette. IN

James Thrussell & Drive Cheerfully have been a huge part of our success. His never say quit work ethic has generated 📈 over 535 applications and 💰 $3,000,000 in revenue. I appreciate all his hard work and look forward to what we will accomplish in 2020!


😃 James Burns. General Manager.

Dayton OH


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